True or not? “Cotton buds” should not use to clean the ears?

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True or not? “Cotton buds” should not use to clean the ears?

Everyone probably knows “cotton buds” already. Because in addition to being used to wipe ears. We shake each other’s ears regularly. It can also be used to clean many small, narrow areas, such as cleaning wounds. Clean the navel Or even wipe off eyeliner. While women wash their faces. or putting on makeup But is it true that cotton buds should not use to wipe your ears? ทางเข้า ufabet we have the answer.

“Cotton buds” should not use to clean the ears?

Dr. Phasakorn Wanchaijiraboon, an internist, said that medical professionals generally “don’t recommend” inserting cotton swabs or anything into the ear because earwax is a natural thing that the ear produces. To prevent foreign objects from entering the ear. So how to clean the ears? Just use a cotton bud. or other cotton Wipe the area around the outside of the ear or the mouth of the ear to clean if the ear is dirty. Or the earwax only flows out of the ear canal.

Because if you use a cotton bud to spin it into your ear You may pick your ears until it’s fun. Too much force may cause injury.

There is always a warning next to the product. that it should not be used to clean the inside of the ear. But most people don’t pay attention. and have been using it to clean the inside of the ear since then. In addition, Dennis Fitzgerald, a doctor who specializes in ear, nose, and throat diseases, also confirmed that Found a patient who had problems with his ears. From using cotton buds in the ears all the time. and recommended to stop using it every time.

How to clean ears correct ear spinning

  1. Do not pick or tickle the ear with a cotton bud. Or moisten a cotton swab with alcohol, saline, or other liquid. Then definitely bring it to pick your ears. because the ear canal is too dry And if the liquid flows down inside the ear May cause irritation, inflammation and possibly otitis media.
  2. Use a cotton swab to clean just the ear area. and around the mouth of the ear only If water gets into your ears every time you shower and wash your hair Use cotton balls to plug your ears before washing your hair.
  3. If you feel water entering your ears Tilt that ear down, shake your head gently, or jump gently. Let the water come out of your ear. Avoid using a cotton bud to wipe into the ear.
  4. If you feel tinnitus Water enters the ear longer than normal. Feeling that something is entering the ear or have other abnormal symptoms, you should see a doctor. Do not try to wipe. Or pick at the inside of the ear.

The ear is a complex organ. and delicate It is a sense that is no less important than seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Therefore, you should preserve it well. Don’t listen to music too loudly. Clean carefully Now we can avoid a lot of the risk of ear-related diseases.