Albert Steifenberg disappointed with the result of lose Manchester City.

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Arsenal assistant manager Albert Steifenberg admitted he was somewhat disappointed with the 2-1 defeat to Manchester City, but was proud of the Arsenal players.

Albert Steifenberg who replaced Mikel Arteta as the side coach, tested positive for COVID-19. have to detain, said “It was disappointing with the final result. But there is a lot of pride in the players. When you finish the game with just 10 players against Man City and you don’t give them much opportunity. UFABET The overall form is very good.”

“Confused is probably the correct word. (For penalties) We are looking for consistency. For me, Odegaard’s child is a clear penalty. But if there is some consistency The referee will have to come out and check on City’s penalty, I think it’s light. but it happened We are back playing our own game again. After that we had a chance to score from Martinelli but then we got a red card.

“When you already have a yellow card on you. You have to keep your temper and be smart. I’m not sure why the first yellow card was given to Gabriel, I heard a lot of different things. But you have to control your emotions. It’s something we need to learn.”

“Miguel (Arteta) has the same feelings as me. He was annoyed after seeing the form. And saw the development of the team from the beginning of the season to the present. Can we compete with one of the best teams in the world? We can. We also show courage. and play the game we want in the first half In the end, it’s disappointing to end up with 0 points.”