The progress of Raphael Varane

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The progress of Raphael Varane. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of the Manchester United team, has informed the progress of Raphael Varane, the new defender that has arrived in Manchester. Currently in the process of quarantine according to health / safety measures from Covid-19. If you are fit, you can win a name for the opening game against Leeds United (14 Aug).

United reached an agreement with Real Madrid, the team of the store for a fee of 43 million pounds for several days. But just finished clearing the visa to enter the UK. He then went into quarantine for no more than five days before holding up his official shirt.    

“ The lengthening was because of the documentation process. Because when Brexit happens, it’s like this – I’m talking about the buy – sell market, not political !” Boss’Red Devils’secretly complained to the official website.