Barcelona hopes to survive European ban next season.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta tries to convince Alexander Ceferin waits for the legal proceedings in Spain over Negreira to be completed. Before making a decision about the Azulgrana football team.

Barcelona hopes the club will escape a European ban next season. Following a joint meeting between Azulgrana president Joan Laporta and Aleksandr Ceferin in Slovenia on Thursday. Deario Sport reported on Friday past. 

Laporta traveled to Slovenia with Pini Zahavi to discuss the issue with UEFA president Ceferin. As European football’s governing body investigates the Enriquez Ne scandal. Greera excluded from legal proceedings in Spain UFABET

UEFA are keen to complete investigations as quickly as possible to resolve the issue ahead of next season. And penalties may be imposed if Barcelona are found guilty of attempting to influence the game. And the most mentioned penalty is a ban from the Champions League stage.

According to reports. The meeting between Laporta and Ceferin has gone well and the Azulgrana side are now more comfortable. That they will not be punish this summer. After the Barca president persuaded the president of UEFA to wait until legal proceedings in Spain are complete. Although Ceferin has made no promises. But the representative of the Azul Grana team felt confident in the situation. 

If it were to be present by ‘Diario Sport’. It would be a huge relief for Barcelona as it means guaranteeing their financial future for next season. This is an important step given their salary cap and rising debt.