Del Piero admits to shock Messi leaving Barca

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Del Piero admits to shock Messi leaving Barca. Italy legend Alessandro Del Piero admits he was shocked to see the news that Lionel Messi split from Barcelona.

      Barcelona announced that Messi will not be part of the team this season. Although both parties seem to agree on the contract, but due to financial problems and the rules of the goodbye Liga has made that impossible, and Del Piero admits it was shocking to see Messi part ways with Barca.

         “We all want to see him ending his career at Barcelona, ​​so I’m shocked too,” Del Piero told Sky Sport Italia.

         “He should have started the season wearing the Barcelona shirt. He sent a positive signal. Everything seems to be going well.”

         “He will start a new adventure now. something different I don’t want to judge him. It could be his fault or a collective decision. Maybe it’s best for both parties. We can’t say anything.”

         “If you ask me, what you want to see is let him finish his career at Barcelona.”