Boca Juniors vice president confirmed that Edinson Cavani contacted him

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Boca Juniors vice president Juan Roman Riquelme has confirmed that Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani had contacted him in January. 2021 to help find a way to play in Argentina because of limited opportunities to play But this time the situation had changed, they wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

Edinson Cavani was less active in the first half of the 2020-21 season. 

But the second half improved overall with double- digit goals scored, so United have used team options to extend their commitments this season.  

Brings a grievance from Riquelme, who feels he has been tricked into giving hope. However, do not close the opportunity if luck comes together.

” When partners . C . Cavani called to say that I work with, because it is not being used, how much there ” interview ‘ TNT ufabet  Sports . 

“ I’ve been talking to that guy for a long time. until he contacted himself I remember only talking one day. Subsequently referred to as being sent down to the reserve and hit the last minute. It started back into the sheath and continued to fire until the contract was extended. ”    

“ In that discussion he wanted to know if he could join us. It made me realize that Edinburgh’s like to play for this club really hope that at some point we will be lucky enough to see Cavani celebrates the goal of uniform Oca Juniors at La Boca Lamborghini Venera series. That guy dreams of making it happen. ”

Cavani is Uruguayan but grew up watching Argentine football. A true follower of ‘ Blue – Gold ‘