Chelsea are close to get Romelu Lukaku

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Chelsea are close to get Romelu Lukaku. Chelsea are close to securing Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku in the next 24 hours. When the purchase price can be knocked out at 95 million pounds, the wages are given in excess of 3.5 hundred thousand pounds – per – week.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ about the progress of the 28- year- old spear who was hit by the ‘ Blues ‘ for less than a week. It’s nearing completion in the latest offer of £ 95 million including bonuses. After being turned down an attempt to buy £ 85m with left- back Marcos Alonso.  

‘ Dragon ‘ deadline that it must solve the case of Pike Bel Jian to finish before this Sunday (8 in . C .) While the player was going to inform the Head Coach Simone in Zaki said. I want to go back and prove myself to Stamford Bridge, the second battle.