Inter Milan fans have apologized to Romelu Lukaku’s agent

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Inter Milan fans have apologized to Romelu Lukaku’s agent Federico Pastorello. After he was demoralized on Instagram amid rumors of a transfer.

         The Belgian international has been heavily linked with a move after Chelsea attempted to make an offer to join the club despite being rejected twice. But reports claim that Inter are ready to accept the offer if it is worth 130 million euros.

         The incident caused much displeasure among Inter Milan fans. With fans even hanging a banner at the club’s headquarters warning them to be careful and keep their contract after Giuseppe Marr. The team’s CEO, Atta, has previously confirmed that the Belgian striker will never be released from the squad.

         Amid the dissatisfaction, quite a few fans have bombarded Pastorello’s Instagram in anger over the past few days, but one fan has apologized for what happened.

         “I apologize on behalf of the Inter fans for the bad remarks in the comments… everything is fine. But to use such harsh words seems too much to me,” a fan using the name impeppe22 commented.

         “But if you can do anything to keep Lukaku, it will bring a lot of happiness… Anyway, thank you and good luck.”

         While Pastorello came to comment, thank you as well. “Thank you for your words. You will soon hear the reason. However, it will be revealed.”