Ole is satisfied with “VDB” to build muscles

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Ole is satisfied with “VDB” to build muscles. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of Manchester United, has admired midfielder Donny van de Beek’s attempts to correct his weaknesses last season, which was a clash with opponents at a disadvantage. This led to the period of escaping into the gym to build muscle bundles until they became more clear.

Van der Beck had trouble adapting to the Old Tampa, FL Ford’s first season since moving from Ajax past summer for 40 million pounds , although Seoul tea and decrying Michael Carrick. C tried to polish but got stuck with the players losing their confidence. Including the physique is too thin for energy-focused football like the English Premier League .  

During the closing season, the Dutch midfielder focused on weight training especially. Until returning to Camp Pri – Season 2021, like the 48- year- old boss and ready to be used as a player in more league games  

” Yes, that guy has built a lot of muscles, “ ‘ OGS ‘ told ‘ MUTV ‘.

“ Last season he used it to learn the nature of English football. And coming this summer, it looks more familiar. ”

“ You never know how long it takes when a player comes from abroad to adjust to something new. Some people need years to live. ”